Faith and Art for a unique sculpture



The Shroud is the sudarium, namely the linen cloth or sheet, which according to tradition has wrapped the body of Christ after the crucifixion. It is therefore a direct witness of the Christian Easter, of the light of Christ that has been transformed into a “tool of life” passing through death.

Many artists had gone so far as to depict and represent the image of the Man contained in it in the most truthful
and close way to the Shroud. For many, however, it predominantly consisted of an artistic work, others with the available tools have also entered into more precise studies but not that close to what has been discovered today. The scientific work of sculptor Sergio Rodella turned out to be of great interest and impact because he managed to make the icon of the Shroud Man by creating a three-dimensional model of Christ that reveals concordance between the statue and the Shroud with the method of wrapping the sheet.