The project of production and communication of the Shroud Man begins with a deep study of the Shroud made by Master Rodella, and then proceeds with the making of the work in plaster. Progetto Arte Poli is the only studio able to transform this original sculpture into inimitable and precious works, made with traditional materials and techniques: bronze with lost wax casting technique and different surface artistic patinas, marble and natural or polychrome wood.

In order to convey the profound meaning and the very high intrinsic value deriving from research and faith correspond, the studio has used the most suitable materials, techniques and craftsmanship skills: thanks to the experience of the Veronese studio in the field of sacred art, these different processes are in fact the natural continuation and conclusion of the path of study and creation, which give the work the right dignity and durability over time.

The project started by the Paduan artist then continues in the Veronese studio where, under his supervision, the creation and dissemination of the work, art and culture come together.

Author of the work: Sergio Rodella
Author of the reproductions faithful to the artwork, in different materials and artistic techniques:  Atelier PROGETTO ARTE POLI

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